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You Can't Stop The Beat

This sequence is a high energy sequence that can be shown anytime of the year.  The audio is trimmed down from the original to keep it at an average three minute viewing length – proof of audio file purchase must be provided to ensure receipt of trimmed audio file.  As an advanced sequence the included free icon/font must be installed to ensure proper shape effect on matrices.

Audio File: You Can’t Stop The Beat song from the Hairspray Live! album


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Important information about our sequences.

All BYaky Sequences are made with our display models and are “AS IS” for conversion to your display.  All associated rights to the media within the sequence (not limited to audio, video, images, fonts/icons and software) are the responsibility of the user to obtain and own the rights to the media that may be copyrighted.  The sequences are made from audio files obtained from Google Play.  Sequences provide are a Single User Personal Entertainment License for Non-Commercial Displays not for resale, trade or sharing.

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